A cascading symphony


Peter Quill saved a planet through the power of dance and friendship and basically if you hate him you hate happiness

oh god I made brownies with rhubarb compote mixed in them

they are fucking GLORIOUS

I have eaten so much I feel sick now

Why bother having a sign outside the store for disabled parking bays if you then won’t enforce them? =o=
The number of times I’ve had to drop mum off at the door then park further away and walk myself (whether my legs are bad that day or not) just because someone else is too lazy to do it?

Worst bit is my mum’s friend does it all the time, ugh. I won’t use mum’s badge unless she is in the car or I’m actively waiting :I

reblog if you think it’s unethical to pierce the ears of a non-consenting child




Deaf Awareness Week is upon us here in the UK! :D These pictures highlight the importance of lip-reading for Deaf and hard of hearing people all over the world…

We hate it when people mumble

we hate it when people cover their mouths

we hate it when people shout thinking we’ll hear better

we hate it when more than one person speak to us at the same time

we hate it when people do speak clearly….

BUT we do love it when people make the effort to talk clearly to us :)

Happy Deaf Awareness week!!


These are amazing.

I have hearing loss and bad tinnitus from years of riding the subway, and standing too close to the speakers at shows, so I feel yr pain. 




I’m no Geordie, but for some of the interpretations of the terms, it seemed fitting for Sera. I have decided I’m going to find a way for the word “winnit” though.

I live super close to Newcastle/went to college there so I’m regularly exposed to the dialect. FYI you can absolutely get away with calling someone a straight up ‘radgie’ and nothing else! For example if you were to get rid of ‘charva’ in that one line to Sera, it would still be a valid sentence. 

I’ve got a couple of books somewhere about the Geordie dialect (locally made and published!) that are full of phrases and words and things if you think you’ll have need of them! I could type things up or scan pages in for you.

And good luck on the quest for finding a good place to drop ‘winnit’ in. Only thing I can think of is if Tryggvi was talking about a dog or a cat (if I’m thinking of the right definition for ‘winnit’, that is).

Radgie is most definitely acceptable on it’s own! If anything, more than with charva added unless the person is actually a charva or you are going for maximum insult. (Geordie is the best language for having splits within itself, some areas will allow different things to slide but I’ve seen fights started over charva)

I’ve only ever heard/used winnit used in the negative “no, I winnit dae that” or “ye fookin’ winnit” personally.

I will admit I didn’t ever use or hear much when I was growing up but it’s hard not to now, living so close to the Toon ¦3

my favorite movies ~ Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) - Director: Chris Columbus

My first day as a woman and I’m getting hot flashes.


Paul Cummins | Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

The Tower Of London has marked the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War with a striking art installation. Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red by Paul Cummins features thousands of ceramic poppies pouring out of the tower flowing into the moat and will officially be unveiled on August 5. The final poppy will be planted on November 11. There will be a total of 888,246 poppies planted, with each flower representing a British military fatality from WWI.

Source - Paul Cummins - Purchase a Poppy

trying to catch up on the BJD a day meme, fuuuck. Day 3 is “a photo of all of your dolls!”
I have 13 together so far and I am fucking exhausted already D; they don’t all live in the same area damniiittt


rocket meets bucky and sees the metal arm. he opens his mouth to speak. three rooms away peter yells “ABSOLUTELY NOT”

WCS is over, so my sister won’t likely be visiting again for a while…
> immediately sets up my wig work again

Gotta turn tons of these lovely milkshake pink wefts into carmine pink instead, copic method, then re-curling them again so they are the hugest fwoofiest curls 💕

They got my dick message!
Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), Guardians of the Galaxy (via giraffology)
Blue Swede - Hooked On A Feeling
515,617 plays



Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede


hair cutting is hard and this stupid wig isn’t even heat-resistant grrrr

Today’s plan was going to be sewing but seeing as one of my legs has decided it doesn’t want to work that plan appears to be out of the picture.

Instead I’m going to sit at my desk continuing the attempt to give one of my dolls a haircut and play Xbox while not taking any notice of ECG seeing as the team I was rooting for had to drop out. /sigh

May also continue the plan of catching up with Supernatural. I must be nearly up to my favourite angel reappearing by now, surely D;